Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Massive Dent And Garage Door Repair

My late night job has taken quite a toll on me. I have to drink a cup of coffee just so I can stay awake enough to drive home. A few weeks ago, after I arrived at my home from work, I opened the garage door and went inside the garage. I closed the door and realized that I had driven the car into the garage too far. I put the car in reverse to back up a little, but due to being tired, I reversed the car too far and ran into the garage door.

When the car hit the garage door, it set off the airbags in my car, which really woke me up. The car dented the door so badly that it looked like a less than sign. I had to call a garage door repair service just to get the door open enough to back my car out. I had to pay for the cost of repairs to the door, the damage to my car, and to have my air bags reset. Good thing I know the site

I've been thinking it over, and I want to stop working night hours. I'm going to request that my boss change my shift. If that doesn't work, then I'll look for a new job.


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  2. I know from experience that a dented garage door is no joke! My teenage son once dented our door without telling us; we continued using the door like normal for about a week until we had noticed. The dented door ended up damaging the mechanical pieces of the device, and it was a very costly repair. It is worth every penny to promptly address the issue!

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